Pet Mobility 101

The Importance of Annual Wellness Exams for All Ages, Especially Seniors Maintaining optimal mobility is crucial for the overall health and happiness of our pets. Ensuring your pet can move comfortably and freely is essential to their quality of life. Annual wellness exams are key to ensuring your furry friend remains agile and active, and […]

Signs of OA Pain

Understanding Pet Mobility: Signs of OA Pain As pet owners, we cherish the playful and energetic moments with our furry friends. However, as pets age or due to certain health conditions, they may begin to experience mobility issues. Understanding these signs and knowing what osteoarthritis (OA) pain is can help you ensure your pet’s comfort […]

How Do You Treat Bone Fractures in Cats and Dogs?

When you suspect that your pet has a broken bone, you want to help him as quickly as possible to make sure he is no longer in pain. You should never try to set or treat a bone fracture yourself. However, there are things you can do to make your pet more comfortable before you […]

Keeping Your Pet Safe in Winter Weather 

As the winter season unfolds, it’s crucial to ensure the well-being of our beloved furry companions. Cold temperatures, icy conditions, and snow can pose various challenges for pets, making it essential for pet owners to take proactive steps to safeguard their health and happiness during this chilly time of year. From proper cold-weather gear to […]

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

As the holiday season approaches, our homes become full of festive treats and celebrations. However, it’s crucial to remember our furry family members during the holidays. There are many dangers that pets can face during the holiday season, and they’re often overlooked, leading to unexpected emergency room visits. Let’s explore some practical tips to ensure […]

Exotic Animal Care in Katy, Texas 

Not every veterinary practice offers care for exotic animals, so if you do have an exotic pet, it’s important to find the right provider for their veterinary care. All Pets Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Care offers comprehensive pet care for all types of pets in Katy, TX. Our experienced veterinarians are passionate about providing […]

Should Your Pet Go to the ER for Vomiting or Diarrhea?

Your pet is like a member of the family, and no one wants to see a member of the family feeling sick. If your pet has an upset stomach, they could exhibit distressing symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting, leaving you to wonder if you need to rush your pet to the emergency room or if […]

Animal Injury Treatment Options 

For pet owners, there are few things more devastating than seeing your cat or dog sustain a serious injury. Unfortunately, dogs and cats aren’t always sure of their physical limitations, and they may be afflicted by orthopedic conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis that make injuries even more likely. With All Pets Animal Hospital & […]

Creating and Pet First Aid Kit

Having a simple pet first aid kit on hand can save you a trip to the veterinarian, and help you provide immediate care to your pet if he has a minor injury or illness. However, you should always be aware of the warning signs of a pet emergency that necessitates a visit to a veterinary […]

3 Common Winter Pet Emergencies

Winter snowfalls and icy roads may be beautiful from the comfort of your warm home, but they pose a significant risk to your pet. Cats and dogs will still go outside during the colder months to relieve themselves, play, and explore, and the harsh climate can quickly become dangerous. Here are several common winter pet […]