Choosing Pet Toys: A Matter of Safety

As a pet owner, there’s perhaps nothing more heartwarming than watching your dog’s eyes light up as you hand them a brand-new toy or treat. To keep these moments joyous and safe, it’s essential to understand the hidden hazards found in many seemingly safe pet products. Fortunately, we’re here to highlight the key things to be mindful of when treating your beloved companion to a new toy or treat. 

Intestinal Blockages 

Dogs love to chew and gnaw on a good bone or toy. This is a natural instinct to them and can be highly satisfying. However, this can become problematic when the object in question begins to break and splinter into small, sharp pieces. If your dog ingests these sharp pieces, they become at risk of serious intestinal blockages that require immediate veterinary intervention. 

Choking Hazards 

Small plastic toys or large treats can be choking hazards. While it’s always encouraged to monitor your dog while they are busy with a treat, it’s especially important when it comes to small objects that can easily become lodged in their throat. When a foreign object is swallowed and blocks the dog’s airways, emergency veterinary care is crucial. 

Allergies and Digestive Problems 

Some pets are more sensitive than others. However, there are several types of foods that should never be given to your dog. While you may believe that sharing a piece of Christmas dinner is all in good fun, if you are not careful, a variety of different foods can lead to severe digestive issues, allergies, and even death. Be sure to never share any food with sugar substitutes, onions, garlic, or chocolate with your companion. Additionally, cooked bones are not safe to share with dogs or cats. 

Keep your pet safe and fulfilled by choosing pet-safe toys and treats. If your pet does experience a toy or treat-related emergency, do not hesitate to seek emergency veterinary care.

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