Creating and Pet First Aid Kit

Having a simple pet first aid kit on hand can save you a trip to the veterinarian, and help you provide immediate care to your pet if he has a minor injury or illness. However, you should always be aware of the warning signs of a pet emergency that necessitates a visit to a veterinary hospital. Here is how you can create a simple pet first aid kit to treat minor pet problems at home:

For Wrapping Wounds and Controlling Bleeding

You can use items in your pet first aid kit to treat minor wounds, injuries, and bleeding. Be sure to have in your first aid kit:

● Sterile, non-stick bandages

● Gauze pads or strips

● Towels or strips of fabric

● Antibacterial gel or spray

● Betadine or chlorhexidine

● Tweezers

● Styptic powder

● Saline solution

For Accidental Poisoning

If you suspect your pet has accidentally been poisoned, you should call poison control or your veterinarian before trying to induce vomiting. You should keep these items in your first aid kit in case inducing vomiting is recommended:

● Hydrogen peroxide 3%

● Milk of magnesia

● Activated charcoal

● Oral syringe, eyedropper, or turkey baster

To Stabilize and Transport Your Pet

If your pet needs to be transported to the veterinarian or an emergency animal hospital, you will need to stabilize him for transport. You should have on hand:

● A leash

● A muzzle

● Towels

● A stretcher or board

If your pet’s injury or illness is serious and needs medical intervention from a veterinarian, please bring him to an emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

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