First Aid for Your Pet: Animal Bites

As a pet owner, you want to keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy in and out of your home. Sometimes, however, your pet’s safety is out of your control, such as when another animal bites your pet. Here’s a look at how to render first aid to your pet if he has been bitten by a stray or domesticated animal: 

Remove Your Pet from Danger

As quickly and safely as possible, remove your pet from danger. Use a water bottle, hose, sticks or rocks, or furniture to distract the aggressive animal and put distance between it and your pet. Then take your pet into a safe, enclosed area to evaluate his injuries.

Wash the Wound and Stop the Bleeding

Next, wash your pet’s wound with water or saline solution and use clean towels, gauze, or cloth to apply pressure to the wound. This can help stop the bleeding, and prepare your pet for transport to your veterinarian. 

Prepare Your Pet for Transport to the Veterinarian

Try to stabilize and immobilize your pet before transporting him to your veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital. Put your pet in a crate, pet bed, or on a flat board, and use a muzzle and leash if necessary. 

Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian and Call Animal Control

Take your pet to an emergency veterinary clinic right away. Animal bites can cause dangerous infections or transmit deadly diseases. A veterinarian can clean and disinfect the wound, reduce the risk of complications, and provide antibiotics and vaccinations against disease. After taking your pet to the veterinarian, call your local animal control office to report the attack. They need to know it occurred so they can prevent it from happening to other pets.

After getting an animal bite, your pet needs medical care beyond what you can provide him at home. To prevent infection and disease, please take him to your closest animal hospital or emergency veterinary hospital immediately.

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