First Aid Tips for Pet Injuries

If your pet has been injured, you should try to render immediate first aid before transporting them to a veterinary hospital. Administering first aid will prepare your pet for the trip to the veterinary hospital, and keep them safe during the journey. 

Restrain Your Pet

If possible, put a leash or harness on your pet and tie the leash to something to keep your pet’s head steady. If you can’t use a leash, try to wrap your pet in a blanket or towel to immobilize them. Do not press down on the pet’s neck or head or do anything that may affect the pet’s breathing. Try not to corner an injured pet, but do try to move them onto a well-lit, flat surface like a table, counter, or bed. 

Treat Bleeding and Wounds

If your pet is bleeding severely, wrap the wound securely using a clean cloth. Apply pressure and prepare the pet for transport. If the wound is minor and superficial, remove any foreign objects from the wound and flush it with clean water or saline solution. Then wrap the wound with a light dressing and prepare your pet for transport. 

Evaluate Broken Bones

If your pet has an open fracture, do not attempt to splint it. Immobilize your pet and prepare it for transport. For a closed fracture, you can try to fashion a quick splint if your pet will allow it. Use a magazine, cardboard, or flat wooden object to stabilize the fracture and then wrap it with gauze or cloth to secure it. Then transport your pet to a veterinary hospital.

Prepare Your Pet for Transport

No matter how minor your pet’s injury seems, you should always take them to a veterinary hospital for care. This will prevent complications, reinjury, and infection. Prepare your pet for transport so that they won’t panic in the car or move around and further injure themselves. Put your pet in a box, pet carrier, or on a stretcher, and restrain them with a leash or harness if possible. 

Call ahead to your emergency veterinary hospital so that they know to expect you, and then transport your pet there for immediate care.

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