Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

As the holiday season approaches, our homes become full of festive treats and celebrations. However, it’s crucial to remember our furry family members during the holidays. There are many dangers that pets can face during the holiday season, and they’re often overlooked, leading to unexpected emergency room visits. Let’s explore some practical tips to ensure your pets stay safe and happy this season.

Guest Safety

The holidays may bring guests into your home, but that can be a stressful experience for your pet. If you have an anxious pet, consult your veterinarian about using antianxiety medications or sedatives to help your pet stay calm. Anxious pets may run away, become aggressive, or cause injuries to themselves. 

Tree Safety

Pets, particularly cats, might be tempted to play with or climb your Christmas tree, risking injury if the tree topples over. Additionally, be mindful of the water used for your tree, as it often contains fertilizers harmful to pets if ingested. Stagnant water in the tree stand can also be a source of bacteria, leading to digestive issues for your pets. If you can’t keep pets away from tree water, try swapping out the real thing for an artificial tree.

Food Safety

Not all holiday treats are safe for our furry friends. It’s vital to avoid feeding pets anything potentially toxic, including common holiday treats like chocolate, grapes, and certain nuts. Be equally cautious with gifts that may contain food. Check for pet safety before allowing your pet to indulge. Your relatives may have thought they were being kind by bringing a gift for your pet, but it might not be safe or could interfere with your pet’s normal diet.

Contact Your Veterinarian Today

If you have any questions or concerns about holiday pet safety, your veterinarian is there to help. When holiday accidents do happen, count on your emergency animal hospital to provide around the clock care.

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