How Do You Treat Bone Fractures in Cats and Dogs?

When you suspect that your pet has a broken bone, you want to help him as quickly as possible to make sure he is no longer in pain. You should never try to set or treat a bone fracture yourself. However, there are things you can do to make your pet more comfortable before you take him to an emergency veterinary hospital. 

Assess the Severity of the Fracture

First, you should assess the severity of the fracture so that you can offer as much information to the veterinary hospital as possible when you call. Check to see if any bones are protruding from your pet’s skin, and if there is any blood. Try to figure out where the injury is located and look for swelling, bruising, or malformed limbs. Assess your pet’s behavior and determine if you will need assistance getting him in the car or to the veterinary clinic.

Call the Closest Veterinary Hospital

Call the closest veterinary hospital to let them know you are coming. You will want to give them as much information as possible so they can be prepared to treat your pet as soon as you walk in. Let them know if your pet is in distress, bleeding, or has any bones protruding. You can also give them information about your pet’s demeanor and health history.

Address Bleeding

If your pet is bleeding, you should try to stop the bleeding or wrap the wound before getting in your car. However, if there is bleeding and a bone protruding from the skin, you may hurt your pet while trying to administer care. If the veterinary clinic is only 15-20 minutes away, you can loosely wrap a clean towel around your pet. Otherwise, you should muzzle and leash your pet and apply pressure to the wounds during transport. 

Prepare Your Pet for the Car Ride

You may need to prevent your pet from biting, scratching, or injuring you or others who try to help. If possible, put a muzzle on your pet. Otherwise, try to get your pet into a hard-bottomed pet crate to stabilize him during the car ride.

A broken bone or fracture is a serious injury. You should take your pet to the closest veterinary hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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