Behavioral Training

Opening The World To Your Pets

All Pets Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Care is a bond-centered practice, meaning that our focus is on enhancing the relationship that exists between pets and the families that love them. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer behavioral training.

The well-behaved pet can travel many places and enjoy activities that an ill-behaved pet could never enjoy. In fact, poor behavior is the number one reason people surrender their pets to shelters. Most behavior problems are preventable and almost all can be controlled.

Our veterinarians and staff believe that early detection and management of behaviors is critical to encouraging the behaviors that we want to see in pets and discouraging behaviors that endanger them as well as the people around them. Through gentle techniques, we are able to work with pets combining our knowledge and experience with the expertise of behavior specialists to provide solutions.

In addition to our services, we recommend Rover Oaks Pet Resort for excellent training options for dogs. We have also referred numerous clients to the Texas Veterinary Behavior Services with Dr. Laura Haug. Dr. Haug has considerable experience with challenging cases including behavioral training with cats as well as with fearful and aggressive dogs.

Don’t let difficult behaviors escalate into larger issues. We are here to help you interact with and train your pet so that he or she can enjoy all aspects of spending time with you and your family as well as in the greater community.