Signs Your Pet May Need an Emergency Veterinary Visit

Unlike humans, our pets cannot tell us what hurts or when they feel ill. Instead, they communicate their discomfort by showing us physical signs that indicate their state of distress. Here are some common signs that you should not wait until morning to bring your animal to the emergency veterinary hospital.

Inability to Walk or Stand 

There are several reasons your pet may not have the strength to stand or walk, and none of them are good news. If your pet collapses, faints, or cannot find the energy to lift their tired body, it can be due to internal bleeding, heart failure, a reaction to something toxic, an allergic reaction, or other harmful illnesses. 

Excessive Bleeding 

If you see significant amounts of blood, it’s an emergency. Like humans, animals can die from losing too much blood. Until you can get your pet to the emergency veterinary hospital, apply pressure on the source of the blood using a sterile pad or cloth. Timing is essential when it comes to bleeding, be sure to move quickly!


Seizures can occur for several reasons; if your pet is not epileptic and prone to seizures, they can be very frightening for you as an owner to experience. While your pet will not be in pain during a seizure, the underlying cause can be harmful, and they should be brought in to see a professional immediately. 

Vomiting or Diarrhea 

Vomiting or diarrhea can be tricky. If your pet vomits once and returns to their usual routine, it is most likely not an emergency. If it’s continuous, or you notice blood in the vomit or stool, it may be a more severe problem, and your pet will need to be taken in for an emergency veterinary visit.

Don’t hesitate to visit an emergency veterinary hospital when your pet is in distress. 

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